Lamborghini Miura – A Brief History

Lamborghini developed the Miura in order to rival Ferrari, and that is exactly what it did. The Lamborghini Miura has a special place in history, considered to be the first supercar, due to its combination of high performance, beautiful looks and innovative design.


Although a mid engine configuration had been used before, it was mainly for racing cars, and considered unfeasible for road cars. The Miura was the first car to successfully use a mid-engined configuration in a high end performance car for the road, and so saw the birth of the modern day supercar. The Miura was also one of the first road cars to truly consider aero-dynamics. This however was on of the early Miura’s problems, as its ‘aeroplane wing’ style meant at high speed the car lifted, and so handling was poor. Later designs would rectify this problem.

In terms of the Miura’s performance, simply put it was the fastest performance car on the road. The Ferrari at the time was the 275GTB, and it could not compete. The Miura boasted a 3929cc V12 with 350bhp, and although Lamborghini claimed a rather exaggerated top speed of 186mph, the actually top speed of 172mph was enough to make it the fasted car of the time.

The purpose of the Miura was to provide Lamborghini with a car to rival Ferrari, and that it was it did. Not only this but it gave Lamborghini a foundation for latter and even more ambitious cars, including the Countach and Diablo, and as a result Lamborghini are established as one of the greatest sports car makers in the world today.