About Us

Welcome to performancecarstats.co.uk. The idea behind this site is to provide you with as many performance figures for as many cars as possible.

I am a huge car enthusiast, and a major thing I love to know is what car is fastest. A regular problem I find is that many existing websites that may quote any performance statistics either only quote low speeds, such as 0-60mph or 0-62mph. With many modern supercars now achieving 200mph, this simply doesn’t give enough information about the acceleration of the cars.

This website shows as many figures as possible, including 0-60mph, 0-100mph, 0-150, quarter mile and kilometer times where available.

Admittedly there are a few sites out there that may also show some of these stats. However, this leads me onto the second problem I often find. I will find 2 or 3 sites with figures for the same car, but they will be different. How do I know which is the most reliable? This is why I decided to create this site.

Whilst Performance Car Stats will inevitably show some results that are different to others, the figures shown here are from official road tests for the leading magazines of their time, so at least you know there is authenticity in the results. Each page shows the year the test was carried out and which magazine it was.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it fun and informative. If you do then like our facebook page, check it out and tell anyone you know who loves cars about us.


Thanks for visiting.