Here you can find all cars on this website produced by Mercedes. This table shows some commonly searched stats and the official road test magazine the statistics are from, with each car linking to it’s individual page for more information. You can also sort each column into order, or search for the car you wish to find. If you wish to see all cars on this website, please use the ‘performance stats’ tab above or the sidebar to the right.

ModelYear0-600-1000-150Top SpeedTest
A45 AMG20135.211.531.1168mphAutocar
C63 AMG20074.49.722.9155mph (Lim)Autocar
C63 AMG Black20124.09.222.6155mph (Lim)Autocar
CL50020075.613.8N/A155mph (Lim)Autocar
CL65 AMG20034.48.919.7155mph (Lim)Autocar
CLS 63 AMG20115.29.921.2155mph (Lim)Autocar
E55 AMG20034.610.424.4155mph (Lim)Autocar
SL50020124.39.922.8155mph (Lim)Autocar
SL63 AMG20084.610.424.5155mph (Lim)Autocar
SL65 AMG Black20094.28.519.8200mphAutocar
SLS AMG20103.98.018.0197mphAutocar