Running Costs for Porsche

If you are planning to buy a car from the Porsche family you should consider how much you are prepared to spend on running costs. This will vary depending on what model you buy. Generally, the older the model the higher the running costs.

A Porsche Carrera 2 for example will cost around £1200 a year in running costs. Servicing will be around £500 per 12,000 miles, and a few hundred for changing the brake fluid and new spark plugs. The great thing about these cars is that they are a pleasure to drive and handle well. They are also fast and iconic. A great combination.

In terms of insurance most Porches will be group 20. This is the most expensive group. Fuel consumption, will be between 20-25 miles per gallon. That said if you can buy one of these cars, you can afford the running costs.

Arguably, as supercars go there are not many that you could use in all weathers and use it as an everyday car. With a Porsche you can zip off to the shops in it, or if you prefer around the track doing a 180 miles per hour. The wonderful thing about a Porsche is that they are built for speed. The later models eclipsing 190 miles per hour. The slowest models can clear 170 miles per hour providing they are in relatively good condition.
Porches are the supercar that can double as an about town car and are iconic enough to turn heads. They have kudos, they have style and all things considered they are relatively cheap to run.

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