Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (2006)


Lamborghini Murcielago in/um Sant Agata_Bologna

Performance Figures General Information 
0-60mph3.5sRelease year2006
0-100mph7.8sLayoutMid Engine, Four Wheel Drive
0-150mph17.0sEngine TypeV12
Top Speed209mphDisplacement6496cc
1/4 Mile Time11.8sPower631 bhp @ 8000rpm
1/4 Mile Speed125mphTorque486 lbf-ft @ 6000rpm
Kilometer Time21.5sWeight1856kg
Kilometer Speed164mphPower to Weight Ratio357 bhp per tonne
Transmission6 Speed Manual

Statistics from the official 2006 Autocar road test.

All figures shown are from the official Autocar road test. If figures are shown as N/A, this is because they were not tested. The only time that claimed statistics may be shown in some cases is the top speed, when they literally ran out of runway to provide the true top speed, and so have had to provide the manufacturers claimed top speed of the car.